News Highlight

Congratulations to SWC Affiliate, Liyuan Liang

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has announced that Shull Wollan Center Affiliate Dr. Liyuan Liang has been appointed director of the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory — a Department of Energy user facility on the PNNL campus. (2016)

Science Highlight

Broadening the Bilayer
Lipid molecules have split personalities—one part loves water, whereas the other avoids it at all costs. Lipids make up cell membranes, the frontline defense in preventing cellular access to bacterial and viral invaders. (2016)

Researcher Highlight

Best of Both Worlds
As a kid in the south of France, Flora Meilleur spent her days on mountainous farmland near the High Alps. A PhD and hemisphere-flip later she’s still surrounded by mountains, but she’s left the Alpine meadows for a career as a neutron scientist at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and as a mentor for a new generation of researchers at North Carolina State University.