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Congratulations to Shull Wollan Center Affiliate, Liyuan Liang

JUNE 07, 2016

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has announced that Shull Wollan Center Affiliate Dr. Liyuan Liang has been appointed director of the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory — a Department of Energy user facility on the PNNL campus.

Ernest Wollan (left) and Clifford Shull (right) work with a double-crystal neutron spectrometer at the ORNL X-10 Graphite Reactor in 1949. (Credit: ORNL)
  • Liyuan Liang
    Courtesy of Northwestern University

At EMSL, she will be responsible for setting a scientific vision that attracts outstanding staff scientists and users of EMSL facilities and programs, promotes innovative research, and fosters the creation of robust scientific teams and communities.

Liyuan joined the Shull Wollan Center in January 2016 to pursue her interest in the application of neutrons in environmental research. She is an expert on the chemical reactions that determine the fate of metals and other compounds in complex systems like groundwater and soil — learning how chemicals move through such systems, how to reduce potential negative impact, and how to create new ways to cleanse water and soil. One of her recent research efforts has focused on using neutrons to understand protein-mineral surface interaction.

Please join me in thanking Dr. Liang for her many contributions to advancing the mission of the Shull Wollan Center and wishing her great success in her new position. We look forward to continuing her affiliation with the Shull Wollan Center.

Alan Tennant
Shull Wollan Center Director

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